Saturday, 14 April 2007

Hello, World.

Hello, deep abyss of cyberspace.

I feel compelled to start my own blog, mainly to chronicle my battles against my computer. It's going to be a fascinating read, I can just tell.

Everytime I work out how to do something with Linux (ie. Installing my printer, taking a whole day) I mean to write it down. However, I never do, and when my computer finally goes mental (I spill a glass of water on it) I have to re-install everything. By this time I've forgotten exactly how I ever got it to play mp3s. But this is getting more regular, as my computer becomes more geriatric. So here's my blog of reminders for myself next time it all goes tits up.

Useful, that is, providing it's not my Ethernet card that gets fried (again).

So, welcome, complete lack of readers, to this most fascinating and fishy blog.

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