Monday, 13 August 2007

PDF imposition

Apparently this is where you re-order your PDF pages so that when you print them out two per page and double sided it forms a cute little booklet.

You need "psutils" installed.

psbook -s44

where the -s tag sets the number of pages your document needs. This must be divisible by 4. So, for a 43 page document, you need -s44, and the extra blank page will be added. Neat.

Then you can do the following to go back to a pdf:

ps2pdf newoutputfile.pdf

When you print, you must select "duplex: short side" or else it comes out all screwy with the reverse pages rotated through 180 degrees.


Jabref is a marvelous program to sort out all my references. However, I always forget the command I need to run it under linux:

java -jar JabRef-2.2.jar

..and that's it.